Hair Care
Shampoo and Conditioner Concentrates

Long Lasting Formula

Typical liquid shampoo is over 80% water. Your SeaBar on the other hand is highly concentrated and will last as long as 2 to 3 bottles of liquid shampoo.

Less Waste, Less Money, Less Plastic in The Ocean!

98% Less Plastic

Refills come in compostable cardboard tubes helping you reduce plastic consumption in your shower by as much as 98% in the first year alone!

Plastic Recycling DOESN'T Work!

Did You Know that only 9% of plastic has EVER been recycled?

More Than A Bar

SeaBar's unique bar holders eliminate the squishy, scummy, slipperiness of a bar of shampoo. While still allowing you to reduce your plastic footprint.

  • All Natural
  • Sulfate & Silicone Free
  • Vegan and Cruelty Free
  • 1 pound ocean trash cleaned for every item ordered

Just Minus The Water

SeaBar works the same (or better) than salon quality products... because it's made with all the same ingredients... just without the water. Or the plastic waste.

To use, just rub your SeaBar on your head (or in your hand) and apply to your hair, and it lathers and works just like 'regular' products

More Reasons To Love SeaBar

Save Shower Space

SeaBar's compact design saves space in your shower, refills mean no more shampoo graveyard.

Perfect For Travel

Because SeaBar isn't a liquid it can't spill, and won't count as a liquid when going through TSA

Clean The Ocean

Each year 11 MILLION TONS of plastic enters the ocean. Help fight back by choosing SeaBar

What they say.

I had considered using shampoo bars before, but was honestly disgusted... [the]reusable packaging is genius!


I have this in my shower and will also take it with me on all my trips since it is travels well! Thanks...for helping our oceans!

Cindy Soung

My hair , my conscience and my heart feel amazing!


After my first use I noticed how unbelievably soft my hair was


It keeps my hair healthy and hydrated, without weighing it down.. and travel sized by default.

Together We Clean
One pound of ocean trash cleaned up with every item purchased