Photo of seabar ocean pickup partner pavati ocean pickup crew working on a beach with ocean pollution

Pavati Ocean Pickup

Our Ocean Trash Pickup Partner

About Pavati Ocean Pickup

It started as a "Pandemic Project" with a goal of picking up 1,000 pounds of ocean trash from the beaches near our homes...

We got obsessed, and realizing that 1,000 pounds wasn't really going to make a difference, we started thinking bigger. Thanks to the power of Facebook, we were able to organize and hire a team in the Philippines to pick up trash, as well. That inspired us to try to grow Pavati Ocean Pickup into a force in ocean clean up.

Yes, That's Greg

Greg was very involved in creating Pavati Ocean Pickup, and is still involved (though to a lesser extent) today!

Pavati Ocean Pickup Map

Pavati Tracks and Photographs Every Pickup Site on Their Map.


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