Clean Ocean Alliance
Cleaning the Ocean One Pound At A Time
Clean Ocean Alliance

Our Partner In Clean

We partner with the Clean Ocean Alliance to clean one pound of ocean trash for every item we sell.

About the Clean Ocean Alliance

It started as a "Pandemic Project" with a goal of picking up 1,000 pounds of ocean trash from the beaches near our homes...

We got obsessed, and realizing that 1,000 pounds wasn't really going to make a difference, we started thinking bigger. Thanks to a family friend in the Philippines we were able to organize and hire a team in Manila to pick up trash, as well. That inspired us to try to grow our cleanup efforts. We originally named it Pavati - which means Clean Water in Hopi, but we have since rebranded to Clean Ocean Alliance to be more clear on our mission.

Plastic Offsets

Like Carbon Offsets, we acknowledge that some plastic is useful or unavoidable. Plastic Offsets allow us to use plastic while helping to offset the negative effect they have in the environment. SeaBar cleans up more plastic from the ocean than we use in our business, making us plastic-negative

Yes, That's Greg

Greg was very involved in creating Pavati Ocean Pickup, and is still involved (though to a lesser extent) today!

Our Cleanup Tracker Map

C.O.A. Tracks and Photographs Every Pickup Site on Their Map.

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