The Ultimate Travel Size Shampoo

SeaBar the ultimate travel size shampoo

A Better Travel Shampoo

We've all faced that pre-trip dilemma, staring into the abyss of our empty suitcases, pondering over the eternal question: How do we pack smart and still keep our hair game strong? Well, fear not, because SeaBar's got your back (and your hair), transforming the way you think about travel shampoo, conditioner, and all those travel toiletries you can't live without.

travel size shampoo at tsa checkpoint

Here are 10 reasons you should ditch the mini travel size shampoo bottles and try SeaBar shampoo and conditioner instead.

1. Travel Shampoo Bottles Run Out Fast: If you're hitting the road for more than a weekend, you're looking at carrying a small army of these little travel shampoos—or worse, gambling on the hotel's soap. And we all know that's a hair roulette you don't want to play.

2. Travel is hard on your hair: Whether it's chlorine, saltwater, high humidity causing frizz, or increased exposure to sunlight, SeaBar's salon quality bar shampoo and conditioner's are designed to keep your hair looking and feeling great no matter what your trip can throw at it.

seabar travel size shampoo at a beach resort

3. Save Space in Your Liquids Bag: As if TSA's 3.4oz (100ml) limit each travel toiletry isn't annoying enough, they also limit you to a single quart size bag... certainly a rule made by a dude.

4. No more spills: Have you ever had a bottle of shampoo pop open in your suitcase? I have, it's terrible ... avoid it all together by ditching the travel size shampoo bottles and using SeaBar's solid shampoo and conditioner bars.

5. Use the same stuff as you do at home:  Travel mean's change, and your hair is no fan of change. With SeaBar you can keep using the stuff your hair is used to rather than trying to find a mini travel size shampoo that will work for your hair.

6. Travel toiletries are usually the cheap stuff: Unless you're going through he hassle of filling your own travel shampoo bottles the hotel sized mini shampoo's are usually the cheap stuff... not a good recipe for a vacation selfie you want to frame.

7. Over-packaging: Excessive packaging for such a small amount of product is wasteful.

8. Safety Seals: It may be a minor thing, but peeling off those tiny safety seals is a test of patience and fingernails. Do not recommend.

9. It's expensive!: Travel Size shampoo is expensive... why does it cost $2+ for that tiny plastic bottle with a dollop of shampoo and conditioner inside?

SeaBar travel shampoo in a jungle shower

10. Environmental Impact: What happens to that bottle after you're done? Garbage, it goes into the garbage. Such silly waste of plastic to wash your hair just once!  Not only is your SeaBar reusable, but we clean up one pound of ocean trash for every item we sell. Helping to fight back against the 10 million tons of plastic that enters the oceans each year.

The Ultimate Travel Size Shampoo

We may be biased, but I really think that SeaBar's solid shampoo and conditioner bars may be the best travel shampoo ever invented. No more worrying about liquid limits, or leaks, or running out like you would with a liquid shampoo. They're also better than other solid shampoos. With the refillable applicator you don't have to worry anymore about drying out your bars so they won't get soggy. Just screw on the cap and go, it couldn't be easier.

Take SeaBar on your next adventure and experience a better way to wash your hair.