The SeaBar Philosophy

The SeaBar Philosophy

Why We Started SeaBar

The foundational concept of SeaBar is that everything you buy can be turned into a force for good in the world without costing you a dime….

Too good to be true?

Not at all. This radically simple idea has the power to reshape how business is done.  By simply redirecting most of our advertising budget to cleaning up the ocean, we can make the world a better place without charging any more for our products.

Our primary “advertisement” is a cleaner ocean. 

You get great products at affordable prices while also cleaning the ocean…basically for free. 

What’s not to love about that?


Our Radical Idea To Reshape The World

kid with a revolutionary idea for SeaBar

Did you know that BY FAR, the biggest expense for beauty companies is sales and marketing?

That’s right. Most of what you pay for when you buy a beauty product is not the product itself, but the privilege of being assaulted by a never-ending barrage of ads that creepily stalk you everywhere you go online.

We want to change that.

Here’s our radical idea….

What if we take some or even most of the money businesses normally spend on advertising and spent it on making the world a better place?

What if instead of being forced to watch the same State Farm ad over and over again on Hulu, they took half of their ad budget and built housing for the homeless?

What if instead of littering your Facebook news feed with a constant barrage of ads trying to trick you into giving them your attention, they competed with each other for how much good they could do in the world?

What kind of impact could that have on people and the planet?

Most advertising is directed at consumers… so WE HAVE THE POWER to choose how effective advertising is. We get to vote with our dollars and support the businesses that support the causes we care most about.

Collectively, this is 100% within our power!

I don’t think we will ever get rid of advertising completely, but what if companies took just half of their ad budget and spent it on making the world better?


Let’s Break Down the Numbers

The USA alone spent $197.47 BILLION dollars on advertising in 2019.

Half of that would be $98.74 BILLION dollars per year that could be re allocated from making cable unwatchable to cleaning up toxic dump sites, or providing clean water…

Graph representing how much we spend on advertising in the USA and what we could spend it on instead

Lets put those numbers into perspective….

For the price of half a year’s advertising budget we could eradicate malaria forever [1], permanently end homelessness in the US [2], give every child in the world an education [3], stop deforestation in the Amazon [4] AND end world hunger [5]….

It’s a staggeringly simple idea, yet it’s impact can be world changing.

By simply reallocating money that is essentially being wasted today, we could alter the course of the entire world.


We Exist to Make the World Better

seabar fights ocean pollution by picking up one pound of ocean trash for every item ordered

At SeaBar, our goal is not to “do less harm” or “reduce our impact” our primary goal is to make the world a better place.

That means, we don’t pick up as much plastic as we use-- we pick up at least 10 times more. We don’t aim for being carbon-neutral, insyead our goal is to be carbon-negative by funding projects that sequester more carbon than we use.

We start by creating planet-positive replacements for products you already use every day. So right out of the gate, our products help you reduce your impact, but we always go one step further. With every purchase, we fund projects that make the world a better place.

Neutral isn’t going to fix what’s already been broken. Better doesn’t mean good enough.

To truly make things better, we need to rethink how things are done.


It Takes YOU for this to work

Choose SeaBar and show how you wish ad dollars were spent.

For any of this to work, it takes you.

It takes you choosing to support businesses who do good in the world. It takes you telling your friends about them, and it takes you NOT supporting companies who don’t do their part.

I’ve been called delusional for thinking I can “change human behavior”, and maybe that's right, but in my gut I believe this isn’t changing behavior at all. I believe it is reverting to how it used to be.

Before businesses became addicted to advertising they used to compete on things like quality products, better service, and doing good in their communities.  Compare that to today where the most successful companies use massive amounts of data about how our brains work to manipulate us into buying junk we don’t need and don’t want…

So, I don’t believe it is changing human behavior at all. It’s remembering what human behavior was before it was hijacked by advertisers looking for a shortcut to profits.

Does this mean SeaBar will never use ads?

No, but it does mean we are allocating as much of our budget as we can to cleaning up the ocean. SeaBar is an experiment to prove that the idea of putting planet over profit is a foundation for a successful business. We hope others will follow, because there’s a lot more at stake than a little shampoo company.  

We hope you’ll support SeaBar in our tiny little goal of cleaning up the entire ocean and radically reshaping how the global economy works.  

I just hope we’re not thinking too big…

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